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Best Websites – A Look Into What Makes A Website One Of The Best  

A conglomeration of onlookers and analysts alluded that web-video is considerably more watched. Matching up with television advertising clips, to promote on web, videos do not need to be in high quality format. This might actually be one of the reasons to say "web-video is less over-priced." More importantly, when you distribute videos onto the Internet, no matter on your company's official websites, or on video-sharing websites, it's free. Considering the enormous cost for putting an advertising clip on television, Web-video won. The advantages of web-video, which are unable to be obtained by traditional television advertising. Perhaps the television advertising age is passing away, and this may be as controversial as the issue of "online media VS traditional media".

What makes the best websites the best? Searching the internet, you will find out that there are common things that the best sites have. This is an important point that every website developer should look into so that he can also be able to make a website that can compete with the top websites online.

Listed below are several qualities that a really good website should have.

1. Great Design
A really good website is one that does not bore visitors that come to visit. It must have a design that is creative and unique enough to gain notice from both online visitors and advertisers. It has its design harmonious enough, its colors complementing each other, and its fonts very readable and easy-to-understand.

2. Easy-To-Use Navigation
A great website must have easy-to-use navigation keys, tabs, menus. Visitors who come to the website must find it easy to look for whichever information they came for. No one has the patience and the time to look into every nook and cranny just to find the information they want. If they can’t find it easily in your website, they will surely exit your website and find other websites that can offer the same information easily.

3. Links Do Work
Links should always work. A good website has all its links working and no blind ends. A website developer must be able to make sure that all the links placed in a website work in order to give way to continuous browsing and visitor satisfaction. The best websites make sure of this.

4. Valid And Reliable Information
Really good websites have become popular among its many users because of their validity and reliability in terms of giving out information. They make sure that their information is up-to-date and that anything that is placed in their website is interesting and informative enough.

5. Browser And Device Compatibility
It is important that a website can be accessed via any device and any browser. Not everyone has access to the internet via the personal computer. Therefore, it is important that you make your website accessible in every way. HTML is not supported by other devices. It is better to use both HTML and plain text so that you are made sure that anyone can access your website whichever way they prefer.

6. Linking With Other Websites
A really good website is one that can be linked with other websites. Many online users want to link things into their social networking sites or email. Therefore, make sure that you can provide them with the ability to simply click a button to be able to link things from your website into other sites.


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